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Uomo e Galantuomo - Man and Gentleman

In the beautiful sea-side scenery of Bagnoli near Naples, Alberto, a wealthy gentleman intent on being a patron of the arts, pays an unruly theatrical troupe, the Compagnìa Eclettica, to come to town. Led by the penniless comedian-in-chief Gennaro, the troupe prepares to rehearse a new show with the all passion and life of hot Neapolitan blood.

Events take a turn when Alberto discovers that his lover Bice is already married. He manages to involve the police and the entire theatrical troupe in a rocambolesque comedy, a desperate attempt to avoid retribution by Bice's wronged husband, and confirms the brilliant Italian ability to ‘find a way’ in face of life’s adversities.

In the centenary of Uomo e Galantuomo (Man and Gentleman), the masterful comedy by Neapolitan playwright Eduardo De Filippo, the CU Italian Society brings the piece to Cambridge, played by a diverse cast of native and non-native Italian speakers.

The performance is in Italian, with English captions. Directed by Ludovico Nolfi - head of Ars in fieri international theatre company.


Uomo e galantuomo - Man and gentleman 

by Eduardo De Filippo

produced by Cambridge University Italian Society

played in Italian with English captions.

adapted and directed by Ludovico Nolfi

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