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Il berretto a sonagli - Cap and bells

Il berretto a sonagli - Cap and bells

by Luigi Pirandello

produced by Cambridge University Italian Society

played in Italian with English subtiltles.

adapted and directed by Ludovico Nolfi

Luigi Pirandello, Nobel Prize for Literature, in this comedy, puts on stage a real masterpiece on hypocrisy. Mrs Beatrice Fiorica, jealous and unsatisfied, wants to report to the representative Spano', a family friend, the betrayal of her husband, sir Fiorica, with the young wife of his scribe Mr Ciampa, an elder man who knows the facts, however he tolerates the situation as long as his "pupo", his reputation and his "faccia", his face are preserved. Mr Ciampa, unnecessarily, asked Mrs Beatrice to avoid to press charges attempting to convince her to turn the "serious" rope, the one that makes people think and avoid disasters.According to Mr Ciampa all of us have on our foreheads three ropes like a clock: "the serious, the civil, the crazy".

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