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Free Acting Workshop: Commedia dell'Arte

This workshop is part of Intersections: Between Music and Theatre in Seicento Italy', a two-day conference held at the University of Cambridge, exploring the intersections between music and theatre in seventeenth-century Italy.

The two-hour Commedia dell’Arte acting workshop will be held in the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio in the Faculty of English (Sidgwick Site, University of Cambridge,).

One of our conference keynote speakers, Prof. Richard Andrews (University of Leeds), will give a short introduction to Commedia dell’Arte before the workshop.

The workshop will be lead by Ludovico Nolfi, director and theatre trainer from Rome.

After a few warm up exercises, participants will be able to learn movements for stock characters, explore solo 'lazzi', as well as develop short improvised scenes for pairs of characters.

There is no participation fee, but advance registration is required as spaces are limited. Participation is not limited to conference attendees.


Anna-Luise Wagner (Department of Italian, University of Cambridge)

Serena Laiena (Department of Italian, University of Cambridge)

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