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Free Acting Workshop

on the legacy

of Commedia dell'Arte

2nd round

A new series of  four free workshops on the legacy of Commedia dell’Arte in European theatre will take place in January/February 2020. 


The workshop is open to people of all ages. It consists of four sessions dedicated to the legacy of Commedia dell'Arte in the Italian, English, French and Russian theatre respectively. 


The first part of each session (30 minutes) offers a theoretical insight into the legacy of Commedia dell'Arte in each of these cultures. 


The second part (1 hour and 30 minutes) is an acting workshop under the guidance of the professional actor and director Ludovico Nolfi.


If you would like to participate, please visit the website and complete the registration form by Tuesday 21 January. Places are limited. If you are willing to attend the first theoretical part of each session only, please contact Serena Laiena at or Katerina Pavlidi

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