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Così è (se vi pare) - Right you are (if you think so)

The Cambridge Italian Play is back for the 7th year running with one of the great classics of 20th century Italian theatre!
Performed in Italian with English captions.

Three strange characters have just moved to a small Sicilian town: Mr Ponza, his wife, who never leaves the house, and her mother, Mrs Frola. Soon enough, at the house of Councillor Agazzi, family, friends and neighbours are meeting to gossip about the new arrivals. Everyone wants to know who the mysterious wife is, determined to uncover the great secret she hides.
In a constant turn of exhilarating and tragic events, Luigi Pirandello (winner of the 1934 Nobel Prize for Literature) leads us to believe one version of the story and then its opposite soon after, kindling our innate desire to know and be involved in the business of others. When the great Sicilian playwright finished the play in 1917, he wrote: “I’m really pleased with it! I think it’s more of a parable than a play… still, a masterful piece of mischief!”  


Così è (se vi pare) - Right you are (if you think so) by Luigi Pirandello

produced by Cambridge University Italian Society

played in Italian with English captions.

adapted and directed by Ludovico Nolfi

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